Help Spread the Word

We’re grateful to all our Hosts and Chargees for promoting Community Charging. By signing up you’re spreading the word – that everyone can go electric even without a charger at home. Here are some other ways you can help too:

  • Why not download our leaflets? Either our generic Co Charger flyer or our one seeking Chargees. You can share on social or send by email to contacts and friends.
  • If you contact us we can send you hard copy versions – put them through doors with chargers or give to friends as they swap to EV.
  • Please download and share our social images or follow, like, and share our social media posts – TwitterInstagramFacebook and Linkedin. Please introduce/tag us whenever you can.
  • Join social media groups with related interests – EVs, environment, neighbourhood, sustainability – and mention us in your posts and comments.
  • Promote through other channels – local radio, newspapers, newsletters, parish magazines – it all gets the word out and helps others sign up.
  • When friends change their car, encourage them to go electric. With a charger at home, let them know they can help others and earn money by becoming a Host. If they have no driveway, sign them up as a Chargee.

If you’re a company interested in developing opportunities or would like to work with us, please contact us using the form below.  We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

However you support us, thanks so much for helping – we really appreciate it.