Where Co Charger Fits

Co Charger’s Role in EV Charging

Right from the inception of Co Charger, a big challenge has been in explaining the vital part it has to play in the new, electrified transport world. In an industry that is sometimes a little too driven by “how” and not enough by “why”, we made it our mission to truly empathise with the people who would most benefit from Co Charger. The result was Community Charging, and this page explains how it fits in with the other types of charging and their purposes.

With fossil-fuel cars, there has only ever been one way to fuel them: by stopping at a fuelling station while on a journey. With electric cars, things are very different and that kind of ‘stop on the way’ charging makes up only three percent of EV charging. The diagram below shows how the whole picture really boils down to just three “use cases”, each with their own collection of methods:

Base charging is what enables people to ditch their fossil fuel cars in favour of EVs, and it accounts for 90% of all EV charging. When it comes to fighting climate change and air pollution, it is the type that matters most right now. This is why Co Charger set out to create Community Charging – a Base Charging option for people who cannot have chargers at home. There are excellent charge point sharing apps out there for Destination Charging, but Co Charger is the only dedicated Community Charge Point Sharing app.