Communal Parking

Easy, affordable and scalable

  • Fits perfectly with the ‘base’ charging need of residents.
  • Avoids expensive, commercial chargers and groundworks.
  • Allows residents to fund the purchase of the charge points over time.
  • Scales easily as EV take-up increases.

Quick and simple to set up

  • Install a domestic-specification charge point in a designated parking spot (e.g. a visitor space).
  • Set up a Co Charger Host account linked to the appropriate account (e.g. residents’ association).
  • Set up Chargee accounts and link to the Host account.
  • Set the Host account’s map pin to ‘off’ making it a private community charge point
Communal Car Parking

For more information on how to go about using Co Charger to share a charger in a communal parking area, click here, or contact us and we’ll be happy to help!