How does it work?

Community Charging gives you the benefits of a home charger even if you have nowhere to put one yourself.    By making it easy to book and use a neighbour’s charger in the same way you’d use your own, Co Charger allows you to make the switch to an EV without having to depend on public charging.

It’s easy: Download the free app and register a ‘Chargee’ account.  Enter basic information about your location and your vehicle, and the app lets you find Hosts registered in your area.  Most people in the UK are within a mile of a Co Charger host, but if there are none near you yet, you will get instant notification when that changes.  (We’re the fastest growing network in the country, so it won’t be long.)

You can contact Hosts and request charging sessions as one-offs or as recurring, weekly bookings.  Importantly, you book for the whole time you want to leave the car – often overnight – but only pay for the time when the car is charging.

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The app looks after reminders and you start each session with a few taps.  When you return to the car – which has often finished charging hours earlier – you can just unplug and drive away, or, if the battery is not full, end the session in the app.  The app works out how long that charge would have taken and takes the appropriate payment from your pre-registered card.  Co Charger takes a 12% fee and the rest is paid directly to the Host.

It’s so easy – it’s home charging with a longer walk to your door.  You get a brilliant way to run an EV, and the Host gets a reasonable, regular income towards the cost of their charger.  Everyone wins!

Please note: This app is not designed for one-off ‘destination’ charges; this is all about neighbours and getting people out of fossil fuel cars.  If you have a home charger, please be a Host!