About Us

Co Charger

Rent out your home EV charger to help your neighbours shift to electric

Co Charger is accelerating electric vehicle (EV) adoption. Through our app, we help people who can’t install a charger at home, charge minutes away from home. Our Co Charger Hosts rent out their chargers, helping neighbours charge and encouraging everyone to swap to an EV more quickly.

Our Vision, Mission and Strategy

  • Our vision is to reduce climate change and increase sustainability worldwide
  • Our mission is to enable everyone to drive an electric vehicle
  • Our strategy is to inspire and empower millions of EV charger owners to share them with millions who don’t own a charger, so that everyone can charge reliably and affordably


As you’d expect from a company encouraging everyone to swap to environmentally friendly vehicles, Co Charger is completely focused on operating sustainably. Alongside 180 other companies, we are full signatories of the Techies Go Green initiative demonstrating our commitment to maintaining our current carbon neutral status both now and in the future.

Want to know how Co Charger works? Watch this video to find out more.