Why should I become a host?

If you have a charge point at home, you probably only use it every few days – so why not make it earn its keep?  By becoming a Co Charger Host you can help your neighbours to make the switch to electric vehicles, and make a good income doing it!

It’s easy – the app looks after the arrangements and payments for you, and you don’t even need to be there when your neighbour charges.

Thanks to you, neighbours who can’t have their own home chargers will be able to make the switch away from fossil fuel motoring.  You’ll be helping make your neighbourhood cleaner and greener and you can make a good, regular income doing it.

Get the app and sign up today – it’s easy!

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How does being a host work?

Don’t want to read this page and prefer a 90-second summary? Here’s a video!

It’s so simple: Just get the free app and create a Host account.  Enter basic information on your location plus the type of charger you have, and set your pricing with the help of our simple Host Rate Calculator.

Your neighbours who want a reliable, bookable way to charge an EV can then find you via the app, send messages, and request a charging session as a one-off or regular booking.

As the Host, you stay in control.  You can approve or decline booking requests and decide whether you want to be there in person or not – it’s just down to your preference.  The app looks after reminders and makes sure you both know the very simple process for running each session.

You don’t need to be there, although it is nice to do so the first time a new Chargee uses your charge point – to say hello, explain your charger and ensure they start the session in the app.

A few things to remember:

The app doesn’t talk to the charger.  Instead, it uses information about the car’s battery size, its state of charge when they start the session (it forces them to take a photo of their dashboard to prove it), and the charger’s power rating, to calculate when the charge session finished – so you always get paid a fair amount.

Your Chargee can manually end the session in the app and unplug before it’s fully charged and just pay for that time.  If they do pick the car up – as most do – after it’s reached 100%, they just unplug and drive away.  The app does the rest!

Bookings are made for the whole time the vehicle is left, which many users prefer to be overnight.  The Chargee only pays for the time the charger is active, making sure a fair amount is paid for each session.

At the end of a session you get to check the numbers before the payment, minus Co Charger’s 12% fee, is taken from the Chargee’s pre-registered card.  The remainder is deposited around a week later into whichever account you register on your profile.

It’s so easy – and you can make a huge difference to your neighbourhood and your bank account!

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