Sustainable Transport Planning

“If a vehicle has to be used, make it a zero emissions one.”

Co Charger is helping accelerate the transition to sustainable transport by making use of the thousands of UK domestic chargers that sit unused for over 90% of the time.

Why is Co Charger important?

  • There is no up-front planning or installation
  • It grows proportionally as EV ownership grows – it is self-scaling
  • It is free to deploy
  • It is immediate.

Where does Co Charger fit in planning?

For transport planners at national and local level, Co Charger is the zero-cost means to deliver immediate sustainability benefits while other, longer term measures are implemented.

Co Charger can kick start any scheme instantly and without any upfront cost.

How does it work?

All we ask is your organisation promotes Co Charger via your public communications, helping us unlock the potential of the existing domestic charger network. There are no contracts and no fees.

In return, Co Charger:

  • Helps find Co Charger hosts for Chargees, and vice-versa
  • Works with local car dealerships to ensure that nobody buys a fuel car instead of an EV because they cannot charge at home.
  • Collaborates with other contributors, for example companies installing street chargers, to ensure Co Charger is targeted in areas that are less likely to see new infrastructure in the shorter term.

Start the discussion

We want to bring the benefits of EVs to as many local and central authorities as possible (initially in the UK but also overseas from 2023 onwards). Please get in touch via the Contact Us page to set up a discussion.

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