Taxis and PHVs

Remove your need for public charging

  • Use a neighbour’s charger as your “home charger” on a regular, bookable, dependable and low-cost basis.
  • Leave the car when off-duty and walk home.  Collect it when it suits you.
  • Book the whole time the car is left by the charger, but only pay for when the car is charging.
  • Start each shift with a full battery.

Free, immediate and simple

  • Get the free Co Charger app and set up a Chargee account.  It will show you local Hosts.
  • If there are any within walking distance of your home, contact them and request a booking or series of bookings.
  • If there isn’t yet a Host nearby you will get a notification as soon as one registers.  This is the fastest-growing network in the country so it won’t be long!
Taxi PHV