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Paua logo

Paua is the leading provider of electric vehicle charging payments for businesses.  Through Paua’s app and card solutions, employees can find, charge and pay at more than 22,000 base, route and destination charge points across the UK, with their company receiving one consolidated bill.

Signed up networks include Co Charger, chargy, ionity, Shell, ChargePlace Scotland and more.


Diode is a tech company which has developed software tools to make the transfer to electric vehicles easy for everyone.

Through its all-in-one platform – offering electric vehicle suitability assessments, bespoke employee EV readiness reports, infrastructure recommendations and charge point procurement – Diode helps businesses of all sizes, employees, and consumers, go electric.  Find out more here.

Motability Operations Ltd

Motability Operations is the company that brings the Motability Scheme to over 640,000 people with disabilities.

As the UK’s leading car scheme for disabled people, the Motability Scheme has been providing affordable, convenient, worry-free motoring for over 40 years. Motability Operations delivers the Scheme under contract to Motability the national charity (which is responsible for oversight of the Scheme). The company’s aim is to meet customers’ different disability needs by providing a wide range of affordable vehicles on the Scheme.

myenergi logo

myenergi is an award-winning British designer and manufacturer of renewable energy products that increase the self-consumption of green energy.

Collaborations include the 2021 “Random Zaps of Kindness” promotion which helped ten neighbourhoods go electric by providing a free Zappi charger to worthy causes, with funds raised through Co Charger.

Zoom EV Logo

Zoom EV is an electric vehicle support platform, which includes EV sharing, leasing, insurance, and benefits, to make owning and using an EV easy and affordable.

Co Charger is part of Zoom EV’s driver ‘Benefits Bundle’ subscription, which offers discounts on community charging for both hosts and chargees.

Select Car Leasing Logo

Select Car Leasing are recognised leaders in the UK vehicle leasing market, established in 2004. A specialist EV team supports Private, Fleet, and Commercial customers. Their website is a mine of information concerning all things EV.

An unrivaled reputation for customer service is backed up with a Trustpilot rating of 4.9 out of 5, from 25,000 reviews.

Rightcharge wants to help everyone get the best value charge point and energy supply to match their EV needs.  Through supporting smart charging, they aim to help drivers collectively save over £10 billion and 3.8 billion kilograms of carbon through better home charging alone.

Want to see if you have the perfect setup?  Click here to find out more.

Act Net Zero Bristol

Action Net Zero highlights all the easy, everyday, and affordable actions everyone can take to help ourselves, each other and ultimately our planet towards ‘net zero’ emissions.

Co Charger is one of several companies partnering with Action Net Zero Bristol to help residents, organisations, and companies in and around the area to be greener.

Techies Go Green

Co Charger is a fully signed up member of Techies Go Green – a community of IT and tech-oriented companies committed to decarbonising their businesses and making them verifiably sustainable.

The community helps each member improve their energy efficiency by collaborating and sharing practical know-how with the aim of making every signatory carbon neutral by 2030.