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Uber know that their drivers are their business, and they have and they are determined to ensure their push towards a fully electric fleet does not compromise the welfare of those drivers.   The challenge they have is that most Uber drivers in the London ULEZ do not have driveways, which meant longer working days, staying with their cars while they charged at public charge points.

To work with Co Charger was an obvious move:  Through our fleet support programme, we were able to match drivers with local Hosts, even setting up their accounts and helping them get up and running.  The result: Drivers able to plug in and go to bed, leaving their cars to charge fully, ready for the next day’s shift.  Work-life balance restored, money saved, happy Hosts and happy Uber drivers!

There are many leasing companies and salary sacrifice schemes – but how many of them are ethically-driven, B Corp certified companies with unique offerings?  We’re working with The Electric Car Scheme to help more people to take advantage of the huge benefits that their package offers.

As well as their strong ethical foundations, one thing we like about them is the peace of mind they build in: If a car has to be returned early, it’s covered as part of the all-inclusive package. They offer competitive pricing on any EV of any brand, with a comprehensive package that includes everything from insurance and breakdown cover to a home charge point.  They score a big, fat ‘Excellent’ on TrustPilot for a reason!

Click here to check eligibility for you or your company, to book a demo or get a quote.

Planning, installing, certifying and maintaining EV charging and renewable energy kit is a complex and ever-changing task.  With InstallHUB it is all effortlessly managed through a single, user-friendly interface.  Their top-rated software, used by installation companies all over the UK, is engineered to streamline the entire process, ensuring efficiency, accuracy and sustainability.

Why are they such a valued Co Charger partner? Because helping your customers to share that wonderful sustainability kit with their neighbours is the perfect way to share both the benefit and the cost.  So we’re working with InstallHUB to share not only EV chargers, but the renewable energy kit that powers them.  Poetry!

We absolutely LOVE what Ripple do!  It’s a perfect match for our lovely Co Charger users, giving them exactly the kind of independent, sustainable approach to home energy that ticks all the right boxes and keeps pricing fair and stable.

Ripple build the wind farms and solar parks. You own them. The result? You get greener power at a fair and stable price from your share of the energy for your EV charging – all with one simple upfront payment, protecting yourself from energy price spikes for the lifetime of your project (around 30 years!).

Join thousands who are saving on energy bills and enjoying the cleanest, greenest energy around. Here’s more on how it works.

Octopus Electric Vehicles

Octopus Electric Vehicles are leaders in bringing EVs to companies and individuals simply and affordably.   We like them because they’ve been all about sustainability and communities from the get-go.  Our kind of people!  A partnership was an obvious next step….

Starting with the brilliant OEVTREE project, where we plant a tree for every Octopus EV customer that becomes a Co Charger Host, this collaboration uses the combined goodness of our two companies and their wonderful customers to get more people out of fossil fuel cars sooner.

Hundreds of Octopus EV customers are now Co Charger Hosts, and more people without driveways are becoming Octopus EV drivers because they have Co Charger Hosts nearby – it’s a perfect match!

Paua logo

Paua is the leading provider of electric vehicle charging payments for businesses.  Through Paua’s app and card solutions, employees can find, charge and pay at more than 22,000 base, route and destination charge points across the UK, with their company receiving one consolidated bill.

Signed up networks include Co Charger, chargy, ionity, Shell, ChargePlace Scotland and more.

Zoom EV Logo

Zoom EV is an electric vehicle support platform, which includes EV sharing, leasing, insurance, and benefits, to make owning and using an EV easy and affordable.

Co Charger is part of Zoom EV’s driver ‘Benefits Bundle’ subscription, which offers discounts on community charging for both hosts and chargees.

Mobilize Power solutions Logo

Mobilize Power Solutions works with Co Charger to ensure EV drivers can optimise their charging from home. We install the feature-rich, easy-to-use home charger from Indra that includes a smart app enabling you to monitor energy costs and consumption, perfect for when you share your charger with other users. In addition, our offering includes a free home survey to ensure your home electrics are up to date and the charger is installed in the most appropriate place.

To book your home survey please click here…


Diode is a tech company which has developed software tools to make the transfer to electric vehicles easy for everyone.

Through its all-in-one platform – offering electric vehicle suitability assessments, bespoke employee EV readiness reports, infrastructure recommendations and charge point procurement – Diode helps businesses of all sizes, employees, and consumers, go electric.  Find out more here.

Motability Operations Ltd

Motability Operations is the company that brings the Motability Scheme to over 640,000 people with disabilities.

As the UK’s leading car scheme for disabled people, the Motability Scheme has been providing affordable, convenient, worry-free motoring for over 40 years. Motability Operations delivers the Scheme under contract to Motability the national charity (which is responsible for oversight of the Scheme). The company’s aim is to meet customers’ different disability needs by providing a wide range of affordable vehicles on the Scheme.

Techies Go Green

Co Charger is a fully signed up member of Techies Go Green – a community of IT and tech-oriented companies committed to decarbonising their businesses and making them verifiably sustainable.

The community helps each member improve their energy efficiency by collaborating and sharing practical know-how with the aim of making every signatory carbon neutral by 2030.