The joy of electric cars should be for everyone regardless of where they live. Through community charging, Co Charger makes that a reality.





Co Charger is the UK's no.1 community charging solution giving motorists with electric vehicle chargers the opportunity to share them with a few neighbours, helping them change to an EV sooner.

The Co Charger app looks after the ‘matchmaking’ between people with EV chargers, known as ‘Hosts’ and ‘Chargees’ – those who’d like to share them. It handles communications, bookings and payments so the whole process is simple, easy and hassle-free.

There are about 400,000 home chargers in the UK – far more than the 40,000 public charge points currently available. By connecting neighbourhoods and helping motorists share their chargers, Co Charger is enabling the 40-50% of motorists who live in flats and terraces who aren’t able to charge at home transition to electric cars. This is a switch millions are eager to make well in advance of the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel sales. And Co Charger means they can do it now, without waiting for a single additional public charge point to be installed.

‘I’ve wanted to change to an electric car from a diesel for a long time. Through Co Charger I’ve found a Host with a charger he’s willing to share within a few minutes walk of my house.’

Kirsty Semple, Topsham, Devon

How does it work?

Got a charger at home?

As a Co Charger Host you’re in control. You arrange bookings for whenever suits you and set the price to make some additional income. Your Chargees will usually be neighbours making regular bookings so it’s very straightforward.  Just download the app, complete your details, and find out more.

Need a charger near home?

If you’d like to switch to an EV but can’t have a home charger, downloading the Co Charger app helps you find neighbours who are happy to share theirs. Rather than the stress of finding a suitable, local, available public charge point, Co Charger offers a reliable, affordable, way to charge. So why wait? Download the app and buy an EV!

Download the Co Charger App