Electric vehicles should be for everyone, not just those who can charge at home. We make that a reality.





We are closing the gap in electric vehicle charging infrastructure

In contrast to destination charging applications that serve existing electric vehicle drivers, we are here to support the 40% of drivers who wants to switch to electric vehicles but have no way of charging them at home.

Our community-based solution empowers those who want to drive an electric vehicle to confidently make the decision to switch.

Use the Co Charger app to find a nearby Co Charger Host. If you already have a charge point at your home, you can become a Host and rent it to your neighbours, helping to make your neighbourhood cleaner and greener.

How does it work?

Got a charger at home?

If you have a charge point for electric vehicles at home, sign up to Co Charger and let others charge their electric cars.

Need a charger near home?

If you are interested in switching to an electric vehicle but can’t have a home charger, we can help you find a neighbour who can share theirs.