Using Co Charger for Communal Parking

The cost, convenience, and environmental benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) are game-changing. But for residents of housing developments with shared parking areas, realising those benefits can be tricky. Installing a charge point in each parking bay is expensive and commercial chargers are often costly and inappropriate for charging at home – especially overnight.

Co Charger offers a quick, easy, cheap, scalable method of delivery, providing the benefits motorists look for when switching to an EV:

  • Dependable: You can book it and know it’ll be available and working
  • Convenient: Plug in, go home, come back when it’s best for you
  • Affordable: Pay a reasonable rate that ensures you get the cost savings from electric transport.

All this is easily and securely delivered, while ensuring everyone pays their fair share and without the hassle and expense of installing a commercial charge point.

By making it easy to share a domestic-specification charger, and by handling all the bookings, reminders and payments, Co Charger makes it possible to take a low-cost, progressive approach towards providing all the benefits of a charging point, to a group of residents across a shared parking area.

You don’t need a special electricity supply or groundworks: you can start with just one charge point and increase, as required, over time. It’s quick, easy, low cost and scalable.

Find a host

What you need

There’s really not much that you need to get going:

  • Someone to run the ‘Host’ account – accept bookings and approve sessions (very little work required).
  • A parking space that can be kept available for booked charging sessions.
  • A good quality, domestic spec (Type 2, 7kW) charge point, adjacent to the designated parking space and accessible by those permitted to use it.
  • The Co Charger app (for the ‘Host’ and all ‘Chargees’)

How it Works

  • Identify and mark the designated parking spot (eg painted lines, signage, etc) and get the charge point installed. (The Co Charger app works with any charge point).
  • Install the app on the Host’s and Chargees’ phones and set up accounts.
  • Agree a price per hour and minimum session price (there’s plenty of guidance in the app and it can be changed at any time).
  • Contact Co Charger to link the Host account to the community bank account into which session fees will be paid.
  • Each Chargee links the Host account to their profile, and sets up a payment card in the app.
  • If you don’t want the charge point to be available outside your community, the Host can set the “Show pin on map” setting to “No”, to prevent any other Chargee from requesting a booking.
  • Each Chargee then sets up their bookings, with recurring weekly bookings possible up to a year in advance.

That’s it! Each Chargee uses the charge point at their reserved time (they get reminders from the app). This simply means starting the session in the app, going home and leaving the car to it. Bookings can be overnight, but Chargees pay only for the hours the car was actually charging.

At the end of each session the Host checks the numbers and approves them (or taps the ‘query’ button if anything doesn’t look right). Payment is taken from the Chargee’s card, including a 12% (10% plus VAT) Co Charger fee. The rest goes to the bank account linked to the Host.  Clearance for the first payment by any payee take a couple of weeks, thereafter reducing to a few days.

Anything else?

The system is completely flexible. You can:

  • Set a higher fee until the charge point installation is paid for, then drop it as you see fit.
  • Make extra income for the community by opening the facility up to other people in the neighbourhood.
  • Add more chargers as needed – they are domestic specification so do not need major groundworks to install.

There are many other options and considerations. We’re happy to help. Get in touch!