Setting your price

It’s important to remember you’re not selling electricity; you are renting your charger.  The price you set needs to take into account:

  • What the electricity costs you (you may need to check your tariff)
  • Wear and tear on your charger
  • The 12% (10% plus VAT) that the app will keep to run Co Charger and pay fees for things like the payment transactions
  • A reasonable amount to reward you for providing the service.

We have created a spreadsheet which we hope helps with your decision.  You can download it here.

We recommend something between £1.75 and £2 per hour for a standard, 7.4kW charger, but each host will have their own circumstances.  If your charger is slower you may need to reduce your rate; if it’s faster then you may be able to raise it accordingly.

Minimum price is simple: how much is the minimum that a Chargee should pay for a session, to make it worth your while in setting the session up?  Keep in mind that beyond the first one or two sessions, you probably need to do nothing beyond confirming the session data so you can get paid.  The “minimum” is £1.

Charger types

Most modern electric vehicles on the market today operate on a “Type 2” charger.  The images below should help you select the correct type.