How does it work

If you’d like to switch to an electric vehicle, but have nowhere to install a charger, sign up with Co Charger and use a neighbour’s charger instead.  Co Charger is designed to replicate the benefits and ease of having a home charger – albeit with a longer walk to your door!

Can’t be bothered to read this page and want a 90-second summary? Here’s a video!

You can set up your account now – quickly and for free – whether you already have an EV or are wanting to get one.   There are no subscriptions, so you can set everything up safe in the knowledge that you have a dependable, convenient, affordable means to charge it while you’re at home.   You’ll even get automatic emails when new Hosts register within a mile of where you live.

Just download the free app and set up your profile – it’s just who and where you are, plus the vehicle you drive.  Once you’ve done that you can look for Hosts near your home and send them messages.  Add in a payment card (it’s all done via our very secure payment system) and you can request bookings.  These can be one-offs, or recurring weekly ones to save time.

You book for the whole time the car needs to be there, but you only pay for the time the charger is actually charging your car.   Many sessions are overnight, and the joy of it is that you can just plug in, start the session in the app, and go home until it’s convenient to pick the car up – even if that’s many hours after it’s finished charging.  You don’t pay to park!

A few things to remember:

  • The Host sets a price per hour of the charger actually charging your car, with a minimum amount per session.   Prices vary, but the pricing ensures the Host makes a reasonable profit while you still get affordable charging – typically well under the price of public charging.
  • The app doesn’t talk to the charger; it uses information about the car’s battery, its state of charge when you start the session, and the charger’s power rating, to calculate when the charge session finished – so you always pay a fair amount.
  • You can manually end the session in the app if you unplug before it’s fully charged and just pay for that time.  If you do pick the car up – as most do – after it’s reached 100%, just unplug and drive away.  The app does the rest!

It’s all very simple, and the app looks after the communication, scheduling, reminders, and secure payments for each session. It makes the whole process easy whilst providing the main benefits of having a charger at home.