Co Charger Launches Fleet Solutions with Diode

10 May 22 – Co Charger joins forces with Diode to give businesses free access to electric vehicle suitability and charging recommendation tool 

Co Charger – the UK’s number one Community Charging app has announced an exciting partnership with Diode – an electric vehicle technology start-up. They are both on a mission to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles and make charging easier for everyone.

Diode specialises in electric vehicle suitability assessments, home and workplace charging infrastructure recommendations, and charge point procurement. This partnership will give Co Charger’s business customers free access to Diode’s Charge Platform software, allowing them to engage and educate their employees, ultimately giving them the confidence to switch to an electric vehicle.

Co Charger is the UK’s number one Community Charging app, enabling businesses and drivers with EV chargers to rent them out to neighbours. The app makes it easier for the 15 million UK drivers unable to install a charger at home to swop to an electric vehicle.

Co Charger’s customers will have access to Diode’s clever driver survey to collect journey data and create an instant EV Readiness Report for each employee. The report is packed with information on the employee’s access to charging, costs, and CO2 savings compared to their current vehicle, plus an interactive tool to assess how different EVs would fit into their lifestyle based on their specific driving behaviour.

Each business can then access a dynamic Charging Infrastructure Recommendation – which calculates the number and type of charge points they’ll need over the next five years, and the estimated cash savings they will make over this period.

The partnership will encourage the uptake of more workplace and home charge points, and make charging more accessible to those unable to have a home charger installed.

Dan Eyre, Co-founder and COO of Diode, said:

“Access to charging remains a huge barrier to EV adoption, and our new partnership with Co Charger is all about removing this to achieve our shared ambition of driving a faster, easier transition to electric vehicles.”

Our platform helps drivers make the switch to electric and facilitates more charge points going into the ground, and Co Charger’s app means that these charge points can be more widely accessed by those who can’t have their own home charger – a winning combination!”

Lee Hudson, COO of Co Charger said:

Increasing numbers of businesses are now looking for ways to transition their fleets to electric, and this partnership between Co Charger and Diode is a key enabler in making that happen.

“Employers have to have confidence that their workforce can shift easily, and can charge their vehicles at home, work, or nearby.  Co Charger has 3,000 registered charging hosts across the UK, which considerably widens that scope, and with the reports Diode prepares, provides the information and confidence that businesses need, to make the transition.

“We very much look forward to helping many businesses become cleaner and greener on the back of this.

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