Being a Host and a Chargee

People sometimes ask – why can’t I be a Chargee as well as a Host? The simple answer is – you can!

  • Co Charger was created primarily to help EV owners and people looking to get an EV who cannot charge at home
  • This means you are asked to sign up as a Host (with a home charger) or a Chargee (looking to charge)
  • The app was designed to support this “local neighbourhood” charging – helping people unable to install a charger, charge regularly and reliably near home.
  • We quickly realised that Hosts sometimes wish to use the service when they’re away from home though and we do our best to support this.
  • As a Host all you need to do is log out of the app (Account Area, log out top right) and create a separate Chargee account (using a different email)
  • Then scroll and zoom on the map to where you wish to charge.
  • Add them to your Hosts and book a session and once it’s accepted turn up and use the Charge section to charge.   

In our next major version of the app we hope to make these processes easier – still focusing on our primary aim of reliable base charging, but also enabling our community to charge while away.