How does it work

We’ve made sharing your charger with your neighbours simple, lucrative and friendly.

Can’t be bothered to read the page?  Here’s a quick video!

The chances are, within walking distance of your home or business, there are many people who want EVs but won’t ditch their fossil fuel cars because they can’t have a home charger of their own.  To make the switch they need a dependable, bookable, affordable means to charge and EV while they are at home.

The Co Charger app means you can make your charger earn its keep while giving those neighbours exactly what they need.   The app is free, there are no subscriptions and no hidden costs.  Money only changes hands after a car is charged.

Things to remember:

  • This isn’t “strangers on your driveway” wanting one-off charges; it’s designed specifically for helping the same, few neighbours can use the service repeatedly, as their “base” charging method.
  • We recommend that you’re there for the first session, to meet the Chargee (although you may already know them), give them access to the charger, and ensure they start the session in the app to record it.   After that there’s no need to be there if you don’t want to be.

It’s really simple!

Download the app and connect with your local community

Set up your profile, details about your charger, and what rate you want to charge, with help from our Host Rate Calculator.

Neighbours wanting somewhere to charge an EV set up free ‘Chargee’ accounts.   This lets them find you by searching the local map, send you messages and request charging sessions – either as one-offs or as recurring, weekly bookings.

You stay in control: you can change your pricing whenever you like, hide your ‘map pin’ if you don’t want any more Chargees, and bookings are never confirmed until you’ve accepted them.

The app looks after the ‘matchmaking’, communications, bookings, reminders, calculations and payments – basically taking all the hassle out.  You’ll find that once a Chargee has used your charger more than once the whole thing happens without you really needing to do much at all except accept the bookings and approve the payments.

At the end of a session, the fee, minus Co Charger’s 12% (10% plus VAT) is passed immediately to our secure payment provider. Payment arrives in your pre-registered bank account about eight days later, once the secure payment system has done all its checks.

To find out more, visit the FAQ page.