Your responsibilities – Chargee

Co Charger provides a service that puts people in touch with each other and helps to make the process of sharing chargers easier.  In legal parlance Co Charger acts as an “agent” but the process it helps to facilitate is an arrangement directly between the Host and the Chargee.

Ultimately the legal ‘contract’ and relationship is between you as Chargee and your Host.

While we will always do everything we can to help the whole process to be as easy, safe and convenient as possible there are a lot of things that Co Charger cannot control and which the user has to take responsibility for.

All of this really comes under “common sense” and “being a good neighbour” but just to be clear: as a Chargee you must assess the risks involved and minimise them to a reasonable degree, including:

  • Setting up your profile accurately.
  • Ensuring your car is insured and is compliant with standards and safe for the host’s property and charger.
  • Taking care when entering, moving around and leaving the Host’s property.
  • Using the charger correctly and safely.
  • Complying with the Host’s requests in terms of timing and use of the service they are providing (e.g. not turning up after a particular time).

The Host also has responsibilities, including:

  • Making sure the area to be used is safe and doesn’t have any hazards that could harm your or damage your car.
  • Ensuring the charger is legally compliant and insured, safe and functional.

If there are problems or incidents usual common sense and laws apply.  If either party causes damage or harm to the other or their property then they are liable, it is no different from if your were borrowing a lawnmower.  (And even less likely to happen!).