Motability Operations and Co Charger Launch Pilot

Co Charger is pleased to announce a three-month pilot with Motability Operations supporting Motability Scheme customers with their transition to electric vehicles (EVs).

The Co Charger app enables motorists to access local privately-owned chargers which are available for regular use.  The app helps customers find, book, and pay for personal charging in their neighbourhood, providing an alternative to public charging points. The solution is particularly useful for up to half of all disabled motorists who are expected to be wholly or partially reliant on the public charging infrastructure by 2035.

Co Charger launched in late 2020 and aims to connect EV owners, who are unable to have a charger at their property, with the 400,000 home EV chargers currently available across the UK. Concern over easy access to charge points is seen as a major obstacle to EV adoption.

Over a three-month period, a pool of Motability Scheme customers will be trialling the Co Charger app to charge their EVs.  This will help provide feedback on how the app could alleviate customers’ anxiety around range and charging.

Jon Jenkins, Head of Innovations at Motability Operations said

“As part of our efforts to support customers in the transition towards electric vehicles, a pool of our customers will be engaging with Co Charger’s community of privately-owned chargers. Community charging could be a great hassle-free alternative to publicly charging an EV, particularly for many of our customers who do not have off-street parking.

“Thank you to the team at Co Charger for helping to get this up and running. I am looking forward to seeing what our customers think!”

Joel Teague, CEO for Co Charger echoes these sentiments, saying

“We are delighted to be helping Motability Scheme customers as part of this trial. One of the main reasons Co Charger was developed was to increase accessibility to electric vehicles, and help more people swap to an EV, through the process of easing charging for everyone.  This pilot between Co Charger and Motability Operations epitomises everything the service was set up to achieve.

“With up to half of all disabled motorists expected to be partially or wholly reliant on the public charging network by 2035, many of whom will be unable to get a charger installed at home, sharing private chargers is a quick and easy way to help others.  We very much hope this announcement between ourselves and Motability Operations will encourage even more charger owners to share.”