Octopus Electric Vehicles and Co Charger

If you’re a Co Charger user, there’s a very good chance that you’re an Octopus kind of motorist! Exclusively providing EVs from the start, with a genuine passion for communities and sustainability, they’ve led the way with simple, positive ways to drive EVs.

So it was natural for Co Charger to team up with Octopus EV to make an even bigger difference to our wonderful users and customers, and to the planet. We have a fantastic programme of collaborations underway to help more people to #StopBurningStuff sooner.

Octopus Electric Vehicles

The OCTOTREE project

Octopus EV, who provide a home charger with every vehicle they supply, will encourage drivers who lease their EVs to become Co Charger Hosts. To add to the huge difference that alone will make, we will be planting a tree for every Octopus EV customer that signs up as a Co Charger Host for the duration of this launch project.

Helping Everyone to #StopBurningStuff

Whether you’re talking directly to Octopus EV about your own car, working on decarbonizing your fleet, or are involved in their amazing salary sacrifice scheme, our partnership means that nobody is left out. By making it easy for Octopus EV to connect customers without driveways to neighbours with charge points on Co Charger, we’re ensuring everyone can switch to EVs.

Natalia Peralta Silverstone, head of propositions at Octopus Electric Vehicles, commented: “The EV market is coming of age but we must not take our foot off the accelerator. As more drivers make the switch to clean, green, cheaper driving, we need a whole repertoire of charging options. Co Charger is helping to plug the gap for those who don’t have access to cheap charging from their own driveway. Instead, we can create an army of EV drivers to rent out their charger – providing another charging option while earning some cash.”

Joel Teague, CEO at Co-Charger, said: “This is the perfect partnership. Every Co Charger Host can prevent many tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, improve their local air quality, and earn good money while doing it – just by enabling their neighbours to switch away from fossil-fuelled vehicles. Octopus EV is a trailblazer in the transition to EVs, and by adding more Hosts to the Co Charger network they’re making an even bigger difference. By planting just one tree per new Host, we hope to create a small forest that represents well over a million tonnes of CO2 saved.”

Co Charger and Octopus

If you’re an Octopus EV customer or want to be, make sure you sign up to Co Charger with the referral code OCTOTREE and be part of something truly special!