Being a good Co Charger Host

The fact that you’ve signed up as a Co Charger Host means that you will probably find all of this common sense, but it’s worth listing it out just to make sure you’ve thought of everything.

  • A Chargee is usually your neighbour and will probably want to use your charger regularly, so most of being a good Host is just being a good neighbour. It’s in everyone’s interest to be considerate and make the whole thing sociable and pleasant – even if you choose not to meet face to face at every session.
  • You’re always in control, so don’t feel that you need to take on any particular Chargee or more Chargees than you feel comfortable with. Even if you help just one person to make the switch to electric, you’re doing a really good thing!
  • Please always communicate with your Chargees. While the app lets you exchange messages, it’s not designed to be a real-time communications tool. We recommend exchanging details once you’ve connected up so you can talk to each other in whichever way you prefer.
  • Set your pricing so everyone wins. It’s absolutely right you should get some reward for what you’re doing; after all you are the one who’s bought and installed a charger.  However, do try to ensure the Chargee feels that they are getting a good deal too. (There are tips on pricing here).
  • The aim of Co Charger is to make the cost and convenience of EV ownership as close as possible to having a charger at home for a Chargee, while enabling Hosts to get maximum value from their charger. Once you and a Chargee are happy with the way it all works, find a balance between making them feel that freedom of plugging in and going about their lives while still feeling comfortable with the process yourself.
  • Conversely, don’t feel you have to put up with anything you’re not comfortable with. If a Chargee does something you don’t like, just talk to them, or contact us if you’d like us to help with any issues.  Bear in mind this is new to them, too, so a polite word is likely to be all that’s needed.
  • If you’re not already doing so, please make sure your home electricity tariff is a genuine, 100% renewables one. This isn’t essential but your Chargees will be happier knowing their car is genuinely carbon neutral.  (Be aware that many companies offer what appears to be a ‘green’ tariff but are actually just trading emissions certificates – REGOs – rather than directly paying for or generating renewable electricity.  More on this here.)
  • The whole concept of Co Charger is new and will evolve over time. If you have any concerns, queries or ideas, we’d really like to hear from you.  You can do it via the app or on the website.