Being a good Co Charger Chargee

The fact you’ve signed up as a Co Charger user and have an interest in EVs means you will probably find all of this common sense, but it’s worth listing out to make sure you’ve thought of everything!

  • Remember – a Host is your neighbour and an ‘EV person’ and will probably be keen to ensure your EV experience is as good as it can be, so most of being a good Chargee is just being a good neighbour. It’s in everyone’s interest to be considerate and make the scheme sociable and pleasant – even if you choose not to meet face to face for each session.
  • Please always communicate with your Host. While the app lets you exchange messages, it’s not designed to be a real-time communication tool. We suggest exchanging details once you’ve connected up so you can talk to each other in whichever way you prefer.
  • Book the time you intend for your car to be at the Host’s location, not the time you expect it to be charging for.  The purpose of the booking is to allow you and the host to make sure the process fits your schedule – the app will work out the length of the actual charging for you.
  • The aim of Co Charger is to provide you with an EV ownership experience as close as possible to having a charger at home, while enabling Hosts to get more value from their charger. Once you and a Host are both happy with how it works, find a balance between your own freedom to just plugging in and going about your life, while still ensuring the host feels comfortable with the process. If you are always considerate when using your neighbour’s charger this will be easy.
  • Conversely, if there is anything about how a Host has set things up that you don’t like (access, the state of the charger, pricing or anything else) please discuss it with them. If you’re uncomfortable you can contact us and we can help .  It’s important to us that everyone has a really positive experience.
  • Please be reliable.  Your host will only take on a small number of Chargees and charging slots – especially overnight ones will be limited.  That means that a Chargee missing sessions could be stopping another Chargee from using those slots and cost the host time and money.  So please remember the Host is under no obligation to continue to accept your bookings.  It’s important to only book sessions you need and turn up on time if you possibly can, and let your Host know in plenty of time if you are going to miss a slot.  The app does let you start a charge up to an hour early at any time during a booked period but do communicate with the Host if you need to be flexible with timing.
  • The concept of Co Charger is new and will evolve over time. If you have any concerns, queries or ideas, we’d really like to hear from you!  You can do it via the app or on the website.