About the app – Chargee

Getting started

Please set up your profile. It will only take a few minutes. You do need to pay your Host for sessions though so you will need:

    • A debit or credit card for payment. Note these details are NOT stored by Co Charger. They’re sent direct to our highly secure payment service provider, Stripe, and only only for initial verification.
    • The usable capacity of your car’s battery. This is key in calculating the amount you pay.  You can find information here about the battery capacity of your vehicle.  Just put your vehicle type in the search bar at the top.

About the session

  • You pay only for the time the charger is charging. So once fully charged (eg overnight sessions) you don’t pay for any extra time the car is parked.
  • Please book a little longer than you’ll need. Chargers tend to start and end slowly to protect the battery, so book plenty time.  You won’t pay more!
  • The app is set up so Hosts don’t have to be present. We recommend you both meet for the first few sessions until you’re both happy with the proces.
  • If a charger is kept locked, or requires access to a garage/secure area, please arrange access between you eg sharing combination locks, or using a key-safe.
  • You can book one off or weekly, recurring bookings. Recurring bookings are sent to Hosts as a single request, which split into a sequence of individual bookings once accepted.
  • If some sessions don’t suit or are double booked, the app allows you to reschedule.

After each session

  • At the end, the Host receives a summary with basic information to check. If all looks correct they just tap ‘Confirm’ and payment is taken from your pre-registered card.  If they or you are unsure about anything they can tap ‘Query’.  This lets them see the photos of your car’s dashboard, showing the times and battery percentages.  If they’re still unsure they can send us a message and we’ll look into it for you.  We recommend both parties read our FAQs page about how payments are calculated.

Other things

  • You can start a session up to one hour before the booked time, and at any time during the period booked. This allows you a bit of flexibility.  We advise you communicate with your Host and let them know if you’re going to be late. If they are allowing you an unattended session the app is designed to provide that flexibility.
  • You don’t need to manually end the session. If you simply unplug and go, the app assumes, one hour after the end of the booked session, that the car has charged to 100% and ends the session automatically.  Again, this just ensures your experience as smooth as possible.

Coming up…

At Co Charger we’re great believers in keeping things simple and evolving based on what users tell us.  Our roadmap is updated and prioritised constantly.  At the moment it includes:

  • Offline functionality: The app only works currently if your phone is connected to the internet with a reliable connection.  Over time we’ll start making some functions work offline. Until then, if your host’s charger doesn’t have a reliable mobile signal please ask if they can their home Wi-Fi network instead.
  • More options for notifications and messaging, including “push” notifications directly to your phone.
  • More calendar controls for hosts: including ability to block out chunks of time or recurring time-slots for their own use.

Please also read the FAQs page before taking bookings.