About pricing – Chargee

It’s important to remember. Your Host isn’t selling electricity – they’re renting their charger to you. The price they set takes into account:

  • What the electricity costs
  • Wear and tear on the charger
  • The 12% (10% plus VAT) the app keeps to run Co Charger including payment transaction fees
  • A reasonable amount to the host for providing the service
  • And any tax that might be liable on net income.

We recommend somewhere between £1.75 and £2.00 per hour for a standard, 7.4kW charger, but each Host’s circumstances will vary.  If the charger is slower they may charge less per hour; if it’s faster they’ll need to charge more to cover the electricity cost.

There’s also a minimum rate (at least £1) for each session. The host sets this to cover their time for setting up the session(s). If you carry out a short charge, you’ll pay that minimum amount.

If you want to know more about the calculations, please see our FAQs page