About pricing

It is important to remember that the Host is not selling electricity; they are renting their charger to you. The price they set will take into account:
  • What the electricity will cost them, including standing charges
  • Wear and tear on the charger
  • The 12% (10% plus VAT) that the app will keep to run Co Charger and pay fees for things like the payment transactions
  • A reasonable amount to reward the host for providing the service
  • The tax that they will be liable for on any net income.

We recommend something between £1 and £2 per hour for a standard, 7.4kW charger, but each Host will have their own circumstances.  If their charger is slower they may need to reduce the hourly rate; if it’s faster then it may cost more per hour to cover the electricity cost.  If they have to go to great lengths to free up the space to use the charger, which can also be reflected in the price.

Please also note that there will be a minimum rate (at least £1) for each session and the host will set this at a level to cover the time for setting the session(s) up. This means that if you take just a short charge you will pay that minimum amount.

If you want to know more about how the amount due is calculated, take a look at the examples on our FAQs page.